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Ken Lennox

Ken Lennox was picture editor of the News of The World and The Sun for the 9 years. He has also worked in Fleet Street for 30 years, across titles such as The Mirror, The Express and The Today.
Unusually for a picture editor, he is also a professional news photographer and has been awarded British Press Photographer of the Year four times. Having spent so long around celebrities, Lennox has captured thousands of definitive moments, which have become part of our history. Who can forget the frozen moments of Mrs Thatcher shedding a tear as she left Downing Street, Princess Diana running across a field in a school's egg and spoon race, Terry Waite (a newly freed man), waving from an aeroplane, close-ups of Michael Jackson's cosmetically altered face and Mother Teresa sitting with Bob Geldof in Ethiopia during the famine? These are some of the images that Lennox has caught in his quest to capture the moment when a person's personality reveals itself most.



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